All day, everyday sickness!

Jennifer • 23yrs, happily married and expecting our first Lo Austin Xander in November.

I've been in the ER 4 times in my whole 10 weeks of pregnancy... Doctors give me zero hope that this will end but they love trying to load me with meds. What are other mamas doing out there in order to just get out of bed? I've been bed ridden for the last 5 weeks and pretty overwhelmed because of it.

This is my first pregnancy and my fiance is amazing at caring for me but he can't be here all the time, and i havnt been able to do crap for myself but cry and even crying makes me sick.

Am i just weak minded?

I've heard the whole " oh suck it up, thats nature"

"I wasnt that way, it cant be that bad on you"

" you and every other pregnant creature are going through it, it's not that bad"