Chelsea •

So Monday afternoon ~4pm I was sitting on my couch and felt the pop! Oh crap! I run to the bathroom and call the midwife to let them know. Started contractions at 7pm and they getting closer and closer, but bearable. We left our house to go to the midwife (1.5 hrs away- we live in a tiny town so had to go elsewhere for midwife), we got there 1230am. They had me do some positions to help with pain, bathtub, squatting, etc. It helped a little. We stayed up all night, my midwife checked me at 4 am I was between 6-7 cm andmoving along well. I was pretty dang tired from bouncing and contractions. By 7am (12 hours of contractions) I was finally at 10cm dilated! I read up previously how long it lasts the last stretch after you are fully dilated (30 mins to 2 hours was average). Well I pushed and pushed, different positions, standing, laying, squatting, curled over on the bed, etc. They felt me and they thought my cervix was in the way (had a little lip) so they held it back as I was pushing (for a few hours). I had a raging headache, legs shaking, not really there fully mentally and physically I was having trouble just standing. I was feeling the baby sitting in my pelvis. They said he was so close and I'm making progress. My husband was looking when they said that from beginning to end and didn't see much difference at all. I was wanting to feel the "ring of fire" already so he would be here. Well no luck. I told the midwife I was done, throwing in the towel, I needed a hospital. So she called an ambulance and if course every pot hole was fuel for more contractions. We got to the hospital, the Dr had looked with an ultrasound to see which way he was facing. His face was supposed to be looking at my spine, he was staring at my side. He listed my options, c section was the better option. So within 30.minutes I was in the or getting a spinal block, after 20 hours of labor I was so happy. He was born with a pointy/swollen head from being stuck, muconium in his lungs, white blood cells a little off but other than that he's healthy. Today they disconnected his ivs, monitoring and he doesn't need antibiotics. So now he's finally in my room with me instead of his own little room hooked up to monitors. He's nursing well so far!

Jep Jaxon Klimek

8 lbs 21" long (with swollen head so probably 20") 😁

His eyes all red because I wiped his eye gunk out, whoops!

I love his adorable face!

P.s. only surviving on since Monday morning on 8 hours of sleep! Off to try to nap...oh wait he just spit up. 😍 mommyhood.