I just don't understand..

Britt. • I`m going to lay it all down.. I`m 20, in a long term relationship; I`m trying to conceive!
Ive been TTC, for the past 4/5 months; I've followed all the "rules & tip" I've done the "just don't stress about it & all the eat this and do this, try this position or with your legs up"! And NOTHING is working, I know it's early on in our TTC journey, but we were trying for about a year prior and stopped because nothing would happen, now we are back at it & im just becoming hopeless. I know my man is getting upset and we both are just tired. I've been to doctors and they say everything checks out, I track everything on time, I try not to stress, I just do it all. But today I took a first response and got a negative. I think this is just the "icing on the cake" for me right now! I just don't understand! I can only pray it's too early & that's why it didn't read but goodness this is just tiring & so hard on me. I just need any and all advice, plus lots of baby dust & prayers 😭