Confused! 😣😩😰

I lost my virginity recently to a guy I wasn't dating yet. I told him I wouldn't do it again until I felt comfortable and we were in a relationship. (I felt like a hussy) so about a week later he asked me out. He tried to have sex with me but I said no and we cuddled. About a week later we has sex and I initiated it. We kept dating for a while. He dumped me 3 days before prom leaving me with running makeup and sad pictures, no date, no friends. I went all alone. He still talks to me every now and then, and I still like him...I know it's terrible and I shouldn't but he was my first and when he was sweet he was extremely sweet. Our relationship was amazing while it lasted. I miss him...I don't know whether or not to tell him. (He already admitted to missing me and missing us but I feel like he just wants in my pants, or an occasional booty call) I NEED ADVICE....😔