I seriously wanted to rip her head off

So i'm at my mom's and made myself a cup of noodles but it's sitting on the kitchen counter while i'm sitting on the table using my phone. A certain someone comes into the kitchen and tells me "you shouldn't be eating those soups it's the worst thing you can eat right now" HONEY, I AM 39 WEEKS PREGNANT AND HAVEN'T HAD A CUP OF NOODLES IN FOREVER, I WILL EAT WHAT I WANT !!!! NOW LEAVE ME ALONE! for Christ's sake I am aware cup of noodles aren't the healthiest thing to eat but no one's opinion is going to stop me from eating one it's not like i'm eating them every day this is the 1st one I have since way before I got pregnant . It's like mind your own damn business ✌ Don't people know it's not okay to piss off a pregnant woman ?! What are you, my doctor? 😑 Rant over