For anyone freaked out by MC posts like I was!

Chenoa • 😍 Married. We have 2 older girls (13 & 11) an 8 month old son, expecting a baby girl due on Nov 9. Orange County, CA
Okay so as of today I am 11w1d, and for the past 5 weeks I have been so stressed out about the possibility of miscarriage to the point of nearly convincing myself I was doomed to have one and that was it. There were a few contributing factors to have me so stressed about this but I've got to say the main one was being on this app and seeing so many posts about missed miscarriages and how shocking they came to the parents (btw my heart absolutely breaks for all who have gone through or are going through such a horrible event and I completely understand posting about it and support you all completely). I guess with my first pregnancy I was never on these apps and really was kind of oblivious to how frequently MC can happen. I don't know, that combined with the fact that I had bleeding and cramping for a few days around 5.5 weeks and that at my first US it was too early to see a yolk sac or baby, causing my 1st doctor to let me believe for two days I had miscarried (until he saw my levels had doubled and two days after that seeing a baby and heartbeat) ALSO combined with the fact that compared to my last pregnancy I have almost no symptoms this time, i had basically allowed myself to be miserable and an anxious mess not enjoying my pregnancy at all for over a month. Well I don't have another US until May 3 but I couldn't take the fear anymore. I went to a private US service today and baby was perfect measuring right on time with a strong heartbeat and moving like crazy! I just wanted to post this to ease a few hearts and suggest going and getting one done outside of the Drs office if it will ease your heart. So relieved to know that lacking symptoms doesn't mean anything even if you've been miserably sick with other pregnancies. Sometimes no news is good news and it doesn't mean anything is wrong with baby! Love and healthy happy baby wishes to all you mamas and daddy's!