Ashley • Just an average chick with a bloody vagina every month😇
     Okay so my so called "friends" are getting salty because I been gaining followers on Instagram and getting lots of likes. One of my friends showed me a group chat the the other 3 girls put her in. And they were talking crap on me and saying I was using a "get free followers" app. But I didn't. I got my followers because of my photography. I want to confront them but I already know that it'll cause more drama plus one of the girls are going to my friend that showed me a the chat house 4/22/16. They think I'm stupid and don't know what's going on and that makes me mad. Plus other girls at school keep asking me how I'm getting followers like really since when is it your business to know what I'm doing. 
If you want to follow me my user name is @aye.its.ashy 
I take photos for my friends when there in relationships and other random things. I'm really great with just my phone camera.