32+4 out on bed rest

Jess • ✨Married to my knight!! I have two perfect little boys one is 6 the other brand spankin new!!! THIS is happiness!!!!!!
Had to go in to the doc today because I was in so much pain! My pelvic area felt like it had been hit by a sledge hammer! I could barely move. My 5yo had to help me get dressed for work this morning because of it!! (Hubby is deployed). Turns out by little man is breach measuring a little over 2 weeks ahead he's HUGE!! My ligaments have loosened too much for how far along we are which in turn had made my bones separate. Oh! And the cherry on top is I also have a UTI!! Ugh!!!! Well I'm now on bed rest and am on all kinds of meds. I feel like I'm gonna go nuts!! I wish my husband were here. 😢. Sorry for the rant y'all just needed to get it off my chest!!