PCOS, first laparoscopic surgery

Jillian • I am 35, with PCOS.
I have had the diagnosis of PCOS with both tubes blocked since 2005. Most doctors told me I would never have a baby. My husband and I have had intercourse several times a week for 7 years and only got bfns. 
On the recommendation of a friend, I tried her doctor who is an OB/GYN but specializes in reproductive issues. I could not be happier with my doctor. The bedside manner is wonderful and he really talks you through all the steps and options for treatment, never once passing judgement on weight. He recommended that I have an exploratory laparoscopy with chromal tubation to see what the problems I have been having stemmed from. 
I had my laparoscopy yesterday and found out so much! I had an HSG in 2005 which showed both tubes were blocked but as of yesterday, the doctor showed both tubes are clear and functional! It also showed endometrial inserts (which he ablated) and previous endometriosis which cleared on its own. 
For the first time since 2005, I have HOPE! My doctor has said that with Clomid I should not have any further problems getting pregnant ☺️ it took 17 doctors to find one that was willing to help and not just tell me nothing can be done because I'm fat.