Infected belly button piercing

Last summer I had gotten my bellybutton pierced and all was great and than I had gotten pregnant in January. Well this morning I woke up with it somewhat sore and a little infected. I took the ring out to replace it with my old one I had gotten it pierced with and noticed there was a clear and a little blood discharge coming from it. It wasnt running or dripping from it it was just staying in the hole. I know with piercings you should keep the jewelry in so the infection doesn't get trapped under the skin and I still have my h2ocean spray to help with the infection. I had looked online already for answers but they were all mixed so I decided to come here and ask you ladies and gents if it gets worse obviously call someone but should I call the tattoo shop to get advice as to what I should do or my doctor for some antibiotics or both? Cause as I could assume this isnt a good thing to have happen while pregnant.