Circumcision, ear piercing.

Ashton💁🏻 • 18, baby daughter born 11th July 2016, in a relationship ❤️ uk
I always see post about circumcision but I have seen posts about people wanting baby ear piercing to be banned.. Why is it acceptable for people to choose what happens to their male child which is for life and unnecessary but it's terrible for people to choose to pierce their babies ears which can be taken out and heal, but if it doesn't heal you're left with non noticeable holes, I'm from uk and hardly anyone here is circumcised unless it's medical reasons or religious reasons but I had my ears pierced when I was two, I can faintly remember it, yes I think I did cry but it didn't hurt anymore than a jab, I'm expecting a little girl and will mostly likely get her ears pierced between 2-5 years old when I can ask her but if I had a son I would never circumcise, but that's my opinion