Can I just complain

I'm deep in my feelings right now. I had at least six test come back with vvfp this month.  Blue dye, pink dye, cheap ones, expensive ones. They all said the same. I posted pics and people said Evaps. Well, you don't get Evaps before urine had had a chance to start drying but whatever. AF was 4 days late. Bf and I had sex on day 4 and I started bleeding. Lasted three days. Lighter than usual, but she showed. I forgot to mention that I had blood work that was negative in the middle of all the vvfp that I was getting. I can't shake the feeling that I'm pregnant even though I know I'm not. I have an appointment on Monday to find out why all the positives when there is no baby. It's so disappointing to see the lines appear almost immediately only to have that joy taken away. I didn't even tell him what I'm going through because how do you explain that? He's great at trying to understand but I can't make him understand this. I wish there was someone who had this happen to them so I can have someone who understands. I don't know what to do here. There were so many symptoms too. Nausea, serious food aversions, migraines, disrupted sleep pattern, that horrible metallic taste in my mouth, wanted to cry at everything and nothing. The list goes on but the joy of being pregnant doesn't. I don't get it. Thanks for letting me vent because I'm seriously carrying this alone.