Ugh! I am so mad at my husband right now. I have never been this mad! I honestly told his father he was coming to stay with them, I don't want him to come home!!! I have been trying to get him to Baby-moon with me. I am currently 26 weeks and he keeps putting it off. He has been fishing tournaments since the season started in February. Every weekend he is either hunting or fishing!!!! This weekend would have been perfect for a Baby-moon seeing as I secured child care for our other 4 children but noooooooo he decided to take off work Thurs - Fri and pre fish with his buddies. He won't be home until Saturday night!!! He also promised me that he would take me carseat shopping, furniture shopping, bedding shopping and swing shopping this weekend....well I am not a fat ass bass, beer or bass boat so I don't count. Next weekend is his tournament and the following weekend is pre fishing/turkey hunting for next tournament. This means no Baby-moon for me! All I want is his time. He won't have sex with me, hasn't since 11 weeks pregnant. I just want to know that he still wants me and loves me. He gets so excited about camping and fishing with his buddies that I literally feel like an albatross. A big, fat, ugly albatross. So I figure he can just stay at his parents until he figures out what's more important. or his damn fishing obsession. I hope that bass can suck his cock at night because I sure am not! Seems he'd rather spend time with a bass anyway.....maybe I should look for a costume or somthing