Mother in law problems!!

Having BIG problems with my mother in law to be! Me and my partner and our toddler daughter have recently moved out of our rented place and into his parents place to try save some money to buy our own house. She is a nice lady I get on with her and everything and we are very close. But she has been doing little things that have really pissed me off. So we have all our stuff packed in her study room and it's all being stored there, and we have the extension as our sitting room so we get our own space and that. Got all our daughters toys and other stuff scattered about the house though only the odd bits and bobs. Anyway there was a princess box it not a huge one where we can store lots of stuff in, it's just a medium size one that my mom brought me with little baby bits in when I first brought my daughter home, so it means something to me. Anyway MIL decided to chuck it out "as it was just laying around empty with nothing in" 😒 I got quite upset about it as she did this when we were both out and didn't bother to ask if it was ok for her to chuck, my partner did have a go at her about it and she apologised. Few days later found out she had chucked one of my Lolita wine glasses in the recicling bin. "Coz she didn't think I wanted it anymore as it was just dumped in the back of the Cupboard" 😑 I didn't even realised my partner had put it in there as all our plates and stuff are packed away in the study. I decided to keep my mouth shut this time I couldn't be asked with the hassle.... Anyway it's just little things she keeps doing like she decided to not put our daughters little princess chest of draws in her bedroom, she wanted to buy new ones for in there just plain ones. Witch I was like ok maybe she wants to keep it all plain as it is her house after all. I don't know if I'm over exaggerating or what. We also have started looking at wedding ideas for me and my partner and she said she isn't going to poke her nose in and it will be all upto us and that she'll help with money towards it, witch is good, but then we were all round my BFs sisters place talking about what we have been looking at and his mum asked me if my best friend was married and I was like no she isn't, then she was just like well (Tina)-SIL is maid of honer then. 😳 like she didn't ask me or anything if I was alright with that, she just expected me to have her! Urgh I just want to get out of her house as soon as we can! And have my own space back and me and partner can get on plan a wedding we want when we want without things like this 😭