Gestational trophoblast disease? Anyone know it?

2 weeks ago i had surgery for removed my right tube cause ectopic pregnancy. My Dr didn't order me any blood test after surgery, then today I went to the fellow up appointment after the surgery. She just check my tummy but no ultrasound and sent me to do the blood test cause I told her my home perengnacy test still pretty positive. After I came home my Dr call me , today my HCG is over 70,000!!??? Now she told me 2 thing might happen, one thing is before surgery they saw a sac in my utures, but she say it is more like Pseudo sac cause no baby inside at the time, so maybe that's is a baby in my utures so I still pregnant and another thing it could be Gestational trophoblast disease, it is kind of cancer ..... I have to go back next Tuesday for an ultrasound ( which is I wondering why she didn't do that today) and I am so worries.If I'm pregnant I will be 6w+4d , does 70,000 is normal on 6w+4d?  Please help me!!