So tired of people telling me that something

Is bad for me when what they're saying is ridiculous. I'm 9 months pregnant and have an 11 month old.

This pregnancy i've been constantly told to not carry my 11 month old because it's "bad" and someone had the nerve to call my baby lazy because she doesn't walk yet. Um excuse me but not all babies walk at 10 months + , I will carry my baby all I want what the hell am I supposed to do , expect her to magically walk ? Do not call my baby lazy all babies are different. How the hell is it bad to carry another baby when pregnant ? Second of all, my husband smokes weed not inside our house but sometimes I sit outside with him when he smokes and family members tell me to not be around him because it's bad. What pisses me off the most is when they say "your baby is going to be born with problems because of that" like excuse me but mind your own damn business, and worry about your damn self you are NOT a doctor. I would be around my husband when I was pregnant with my daughter and she was born perfectly fine. We will see once my son is born, if he's born fine I would like to slap everyone in the face who told me that