What should I do ?

KKZ Family • 06/14 💕 07/1 💗
So it's this guy I been messing with since jan 2016 and he's handsome ,smart, and funny also good in bed . Anyway we had some problems (can't say) but it made me want to leave him alone but I don't. I mean I love him and my daughter loves him but it's his attitude. He been thru a lot so I could understand why he has trust issues and stuff. Anyway we are not together but idk it seem like we is . I don't know how to explain it. But him and my daughter is very close and we is too. But we are not together . We can see other ppl. But my thing is he gets mad cause guys hmu on fb and call me and stuff and I'm not going to lie I get mad too wen he talk to other females. But it's this one guy I think is cool and he's sweet and I wanna talk to him but I still love this other guy who makes me feel special . But this other guy makes me feel a certain way too . But I don't want to stop talking to the other guy bc him and my daughter are very close.  And I love him still and everytime I try to talk to another guy I can't because I still love this other guy . This guy I do anything for.  But what should I do ??