Pink/ light brown discharge???? 2 weeks before period? Please any options???


So me and my husband have been ttc for 3 years with no luck to the point I kinda just gave up well my periods are always on time every now and then it will be a day or 2 late but this month is weird my period started on the 30th last month so I should start around the 30th or 1st of may it s only the 22nd and this has been going on going on 2 weeks now but I have super light brown sometimes I will see light pink mixed in my discharge and it s everyday and sometimes I will have light pink a day or 2 before my period this morning I had cramps on my side now they are gone but Im almost 26 and this has never happened. Could this be a early sign of pregnancy? I don t want my hopes up even though I wish it more then anything. 

Thank you btw I'm real tempted to buy a test but don't want to be let down so that's what is holding me back.