FTM of almost a 3 week old...Ugh so my throat starting feeling weird last night and I'm so beyond paranoid I'm getting sick. I really hope it's just allergies. We also tried to go to Costco this morning....we stopped to get bagels first and she was screaming so I went to check on her in the backseat and she felt all clammy and sweaty so I pulled her out of her seat and she felt soaked. So we went home, stripped her and gave her a bath, fed her and she was finally able to fall asleep. Her temp was normal...Idk what happened. She wasn't bundled up or anything. I am so beyond stressed. I feel like a horrible person for letting that happen. I just found out I have like 3.5 weeks of leave with pay left so unless I can get leave donations, I'm not getting paid for at least 3 checks and I'm not going back to work too soon and missing out on time with her due to that. I have seriously been crying for the last few days over all of this crap. I don't know how to dress her or what's too warm or too hot. I've been doing everything to protect her from sickness and watch me be the one who randomly gets sick and gets her sick....ughhhhh 😞 😞 😞