I pretty much just got kicked out of the NICU

I had walked in to see my child that I gave birth to and I love unconditionally to just sit and watch her until she eats and they told me that if i wake her up that it'll make her stats drop. I have been in there literally all day today and her stats are staying perfect. They rose when I spoke to her. That's an amazing thing. The nurse said that we need to only come in to feed. We had been told by the doctors all day that if we want to hold her and feed her and whatnot we could as much as we wanted. This nurse is acting like a total bitch. I asked her to call my room for feedings and the nurse said, 'I can't go home with you so I can feed her.' That's my whole point to feeding her. No one but the baby and husband are going home with me. I don't want them to tell me that I can't feed my kid if the entire day staff has said that I'm doing what's best for her and helping her get the bond with me that she will need. Has anyone had a similar experience?