Craziest dream - demon pregnancy?!

Omg so last night, I had the craaaaaaziest dream that I was pregnant WITH SATAN. As in I was going to give birth... TO SATAN! What the heck! It was so extremely vivid, and I remember trying to prove to my friends that I was pregnant with Satan by taking a pregnancy test... And the test caught fire after showing positive! 
What in the actual eff. 
Anyway, once I realized I was dreaming, I began a lucid dreaming phase and took myself out of the dream. When I woke up, I looked it up. Apparently dreaming about being pregnant with, or giving birth to a demon/Satan, means you're anxious about what type of person your child will be. Which makes sense BC I'm huge into social justice, human rights, peace work, etc and hope my future children will feel the same way about making the world a better place. But wow! Our subconscious minds are insane!