Natural Birth Story

Our baby girl was on 4/21 at 5:03 am but my labor started at 1:30pm the day before. I woke up and showered and got dressed to start cleaning just in case she was going to show being i was 39weeks and 4 days. As soon as i started cleaning i started having contractions that were around 30-50 seconds 2 minutes apart. After a few false labor days i just would pulse hold my belly and squat and bounce then keep cleaning. After an hour and a half of cleaning and pulsing ever 2 minutes i decided to call my doula who said it was the real deal and she was headed over to help me labor at home for awhile and to get my husband home. I ended up laboring at home from 1:30 until 9:30 by squatting and bouncing. I never sat down it was to painful and uncomfortable. At 9:30 i had my bloody show and the midwife said i should go to the hospital to get checked. When i got there i was at 7cm and 100% efface. I kept squatting and bouncing until 1am when i only progressed to 8cm and my contradictions were still around every 2 minutes and now a minute long, we decided to brake my water. After that they came on stronger and lasted longer after 2 more hours i felt the urge to bare down and start pushing. I stood on the side of the bed and squatted and pushed for almost two hours but she had her hand up by her face and wanted it to come out with her head so i had to try a new position. I ended up on my back but had to get an episiotomy being her little hand was still by her face. 2 more pushes and out she came as i held on to my knees and bursted almost all the blood vessels in my face. After 15 hours of walking and squatting and 2 pushes on my back she arrived weighing 7.1lbs and 19 inches!! I am madly in love and breastfeeding has been great. I am proud of myself and any women who gives birth no matter what her story. Ladies we got this!!