So I'm almost 15 weeks and I'm under so much stress that I'm having anxiety really bad. My obgyn said call your regular Dr her nurse said she won't deal with it. So I'm seeing my regular Dr on Monday. I'm supposed to be going to AK for my daughter's graduation in may. My dad said I could stay in his condo well I told him I am pregnant 3 weeks ago and he said "don't talk to me again" so today I texted him and said hi how are you doing? He never responded to me. So now I have no where to stay and no money for a hotel. I've been crying for over an hour. Oh and my friend is stay with me with her 17 year old daughter and on the weekend's her 2 girls ages 7&9 stay over they don't listen they scream and cry all day long. The youngest locked me out of my own house for 10 minutes. I just can't take the stress and am afraid I'm gonna lose my daughter before she is born because of the stress. I don't know what to do.