This Guy is Always busy

So I am talking to this guy and we met on an app and we connected instantly he lives 20min away from me and we plan to hangout sometime next week. When we first started talking he was home most of the days so he was constantly blowing up my phone and calling me . Now he's working a lot and keep in mind he's about to go to college so he's busy with community service hours and just getting his life together. He still puts in a big effort of contacting me and calling me I still just get sad because I love talking to him and he's so sweet. I have a problem with getting bored quickly tho. If I'm not getting the attention I think I deserve I start to loose feelings. But this boy is the total opposite of any other guys I use to talk to. He actually is engaged in talking to me and complimenting me. But I'm hesitant because always being busy leads to drifting apart and I don't want that to happen like in the past ... What should I do??! Please comment !!