Gender question!?

Antonia • Im a 26 years old Female with 3 kids ages 5,4,&1 my oldest and youngest are boys, i am.a proud mother i love my kids dearly and they will always be put first!
Hey every body!? I would like to ask a question,? I'm on My 4th Pregnancy not to mention I did have a miscarriage back in October, my question is for those who have kids already and is pregnant, what were the Symptoms y'all had, as such as cravings, and the sickness, as far as me with my two boys I just had morning sickness with my daughter I just throw up what didn't go down so well, and had hurtburns, as far as this pregnancy I'm 6 months and same thing I've been having hurtburns the baby heart rate always 140 or above, I didn't have morning sickness, i was told it's a boy, but I strongly thinks a girl. I have another ultrasound May 17 to get a confirmation!.