Talk me down someone. I am worried.

I am 9 days out from my period. I am diabetic and my boyfriend and I had some unprotected sex. ( not the smartest I know but we only
Go for a little and he can't cum from sex). He has never came from sex at all he could only get off with hands and it has been a big elephant in the room because I know it worried him. We had some birthday sex from him and without warning( he couldn't tell until it was too late too) he came inside me. I imediatley went to the restr and peed and cleaned myself. 
Question: what is my real risk of pregnancy? I am curious in a logical sense especially since I am a worrier. We have talked about all options but obviously having a baby isn't our top priority yet. I really just need some facts to calm my nerves. 
I can't take morning after because diabetes and I turn into Godzilla.