What do you think can it be or is it all in my head

Hey ladies, I never heard of this before and I had a crazy dream Friday night I than woke up crying it seemed so real!!! This is our first month ttc I am almost 100% positive I have to be pregnant I had slight cramping more on left side on sat an sun and I can smell everything! Also can't stop burping after I eat and last night I got up every two hrs too pee tmi but now have a hard time going #2 I'm extremely emotional I even cried watching a commercial the other day lol very weird and but very exciting I hope this is it my 30th birthday is April 8th and a bfp would be the best gift ever!!! Af is suppose to come tomorrow and I normally get really bad cramps the week before and nothing rt now at all so I hope this isn't in my head bc I want it so badly my two dogs and cats have been all over me lately and very protective my husband can't even hug me without our make dog going craxy barking and growling soo unlike him heard that pets can know before you do so