I just need to vent!

I'm getting really sick and tired of people telling me I shouldn't marry my fiancé till he changes the way he talks to me!...for one he's not mean or rude when he talks to me. He asks me to do and get a lot of things for him sometimes it gets annoying, but it's honestly the lest i can do. He works full time long hours hard work I don't work. I stay at home clean our house make sure Laundry is done I make dinner every night it done by the time he gets home. I get up every morning to make him lunch make sure he is up. When im not doing all that I sit on my phone or play video games. The reason I don't work is because I don't have my license yet we just moved at the moment our house is a trailer and because our dog is a pit we can't stay in all but one rv park in the small town we live in and that park no longer allows people to stay/pay monthly so we are staying at one of his family members. Anyway sometimes when I am just grumpy I'll whine and say I don't want to get him a soda out of the truck and we will have a short argument its not even an argument it's just us bickering back and forth. But to his aunt it's not okay for him to talk to me like that asking me to go get things and me doing it even if I didn't want to. And I need to step up and tell him I'm not marrying him till he changes the way he talks to me...okay one why would I say that to him now that we are engaged? Two if that's really how I felt and if I agreed to that I would tell him that things need to change before we take that step in our relationship! Obviously it's not bugging me he treats me so good I can't even explain it! I want to marry him I'm going to Marry him! He has never given me a real reason to want to leave him. In the beginning of our relationship we had our good moments our bad moments and our horrible moments but we have over come all that and are in a great place in our relationship we know what works and what doesn't work for us. After 6 years together we are both very happy with our relationship. I just wish people would stop A) talking sh**behind his back! B) talking down about our relationship! And C) PLEASE STOP TRYING TO TELL ME NOT TO MARRY HIM!!!