Where does baby sleep?


Just curious what you mommies are doing for baby sleeping. My husband build a sidecar cosleeper that we planned to use the first 4-6 months. But, baby girl won't stay in it longer than 20 mins without screaming. And she wakes up pretty much as soon as we put her down in it. We then started keeping her in her bouncer seat, swaddled, and strapped in. That was making me nervous though so now she's in her swing. It lays flat like a bassinet or rock n play would. We don't let it swing her but we still strap her in. She sleeps like a dream there. But, the swing is in the living room. So, my hubby and I have been sleeping on the couch and recliner this week. I don't mind so much but I don't want this to be a permanent thing. We put together her pack and play and it has a "napper" attachment. We are considering giving this a try tonight or moving the swing into the bedroom.

I feel bad that she's not sleeping in a "bed" but, I also think whatever makes her feel warm and secure enough to sleep is good enough. Anyone else feel this struggle?