Teen Moms

Kimberly🚮🚮😘 • Momma to Orion, Taurus, opinionated (sorry)

First, I want to say that the ones who actually take responsibility for their actions, I applaud you. I know plenty of teenage mothers who have really made excellent parents.

But, if you don't want any "hate" from people, stop completely saying "Hi I'm 16 and pregnant. Is it normal to have *insert symptom*"

And I only say this because every single post that says something like that, it's completely irrelevant to your age. You are the one's opening the door for judgement from women who do not approve or like the fact that you are so young and pregnant.

It's nobody's business how old you are, unless you're asking a question about being underage and delivering or whatever.

Every single time I see a post like this, there's some support and some judgement. And usually you get upset when somebody is upset. So to spare your own feelings, wouldn't it be wiser to only say you're young if the question is relevant to age?

I'm sure some people will be upset with this, but don't get me wrong, I'm sure a lot of the teen moms on here will make great parents. I'm just pointing out that if you post about your pregnancy, you don't have to say your age if you're not wanting people to say something about it.