Sorest boobs ever- help!

Kristy • 29, Mama to miracle baby girl after 3+ years of infertility, Dog mom, Speech-Language Pathologist, TTC baby #2
Hi ladies! So I am experiencing the sorest boobs I have EVER had! They hurt so bad under my armpits and the top of my chest feels like it's bruised- that's how tender it is. I feel like I constantly have to wear a bra- it's even waking me up in the middle of the night and throbbing when I'm not moving. My husband saw me getting out of the shower and couldn't believe how big they looked lol. Anyone else experience this and get their BFP? AF due in 4 days, currently 9 DPO. I'm also experiencing soreness in my right hip/pelvis- I thought I slept on it weird, but it's been lingering for 3-4 days. Really hoping this is our month and trying so hard not to test!! Thanks ladies! Baby dust