I am in SERIOUS need of a weight loss buddy.

Clarissa • .
Anybody, at all. Whether you're just trying to lose a couple of pounds for yourself...for a sport...for ttc...or because you're overweight and just want to or due to health issues...whatever it is, I need you lol. Here's a little intro: My name is Clarissa, I'm roughly 5'3 and I weigh 194.4...and I'm am over eater. Seriously, I eat when I'm happy, sad, mad, upset, hungry, not hungry...you name it. It never used to affect me. Ever since depo...I've gained roughly 60 or so lbs. I've been off it for a year, and now I want to ttc, but I NEED to lose this weight. Not only for myself, but for my future child and honestly for my husband too. I know he loves me, but I'd like to get back to how I was when he fell in love with me. He knows I'm making this lifestyle change...but nobody else does...and I'd like to atkea have someone on here going through it with me. I'd love to add each other on Facebook or text or email or something and keep each other updated! I'm not telling anyone and hopefully within months...I can reach my goal of at least 150...but I'd be happier to be in the 40's and my goal is 130. But if I'm happy in the 40's or 50's or wherever...The number won't matter. Anyways, I digress! Any ladies with me?