Moving in 3rd Trimester!!! Help!!!

Amber Rae • I`m 28, married for 6 years (together for 11) have a 6 year old son and a newborn baby girl
Has anyone had to make a move cross country while in the 3rd trimester? My husband starts a job in Omaha, NE July 1st and we are planning on moving there June 24th. We live in Michigan right now and I will be 33 weeks pregnant when we move. My husband will be driving the UHaul and I will have to drive our car (with my 6 year old at that!) We are planning on stopping at least every 3 hours for breaks (we also have a 1 year old dog). It is about a 10 hour drive without breaks (we are thinking it maybe anywhere from a 12-15 hour drive with stops.) I'm wondering if anyone had a similar situation that can give me advice on the trip? Did it bother you to have to be in a car that long while being that pregnant? I'm actually one of those people who love road trips and would much rather drive than fly but my concern is with me being so far along I don't know how my body will handle it. I'm not too worried about my son as he has been on long car trips like this before I'm more worried about myself. But any tips or advice I would love to hear!