First there was one and now it's two! :D

Mirjam • Mjau.


As you guessed I'm also pregnant..and now I'm 14 weeks :)

My story-

So me and my husband were really happy to find out that we are pregnant.

In the first ultrasound at 9 weeks we were happy to know we have one and healthy baby (first photo).

So then came the 12 week ultrasound.

And doctor was like "ou so nice, you have two babies" and me and my husband were like "WHAT?!?!?! :D" (the second photo)

At the first ultrasound the second one was hiding so well :P

We are extra happy! 'Cause before we made some jokes like "we won't have babies..we will have kitten litter..8 of them :D" and "hahaa wouldn't it be fun to have twins"

We don't know the sex yet and even if it is one or two eggs but we will go to the new ultrasound on week 16 and I hope there won't be 3 :P