Why cant i cum?.....😥

Sorry TMI...

But I've been with my bf for 4 years and never, not once did I cum from sex with him. Or anyone before him..

He is so good at sex. Even kissing him he does the sexiest shit he is such a freak... I never got a rush kissing someone his lips are so sexy..he knows all the right things to do you'd think I would be more turned on...

But we don't really so foreplay sometimes... But usually I suck his dick then we start kissing and then fuck... Then that's it. It will be good, but he lasts like 7-8 minutes... Sometimes less!

Anyway I feel like I'm failing him as a girlfriend... I wish I could show him how much I do love sex with him and I know how happy he would be knowing he made me cum... And it would make our sex life that much more sexy.. It just sucks is it true some women just can't orgasm from sex?

Sometimes I wonder if he is really like bores with sex with me? Obviously I know he's not I can tell he likes it but what if deep down he wishes he was with another girl who actually cums during sex... Not the girl you know isn't going to. He even asked me before if I like it. He told me I never cum, and asked if he ever made me do it. And it made me feel bad..