Well My Husband Said

My husband said bokee that's what he calls me. If we go through <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">ivf</a> again for the 7th time can the doctor put back (3)three embryo's I said while I don't know if our doctor will feel okay doing that because it might put stress on my heart knowing that I have heart failure. So he said well what about (2) two and I had to think for a minute why he asking me these questions, so I said why are you asking me about how many embryo's the doctor can put back? And he said because I just want to give you a baby not just one but the babies we miscarried along the way so you can be happy again. So I said to him what makes you think I'm not happy? And he said well bokee every time I try to make you happy, taking you to different places and taking out to dinner for date night or we walk around in a store you are always said because when you see a pregnant woman or see a husband and wife and their children you get sad and start to walk slowly and than excuse yourself to rest room and come back out with your puffy from crying. And i said to him I'm sorry for being so sad all the time I didn't realize that it has affected me to that point but I just want my own family. My family has been so rude and empty towards me I just want to have something of my own like my own little family. I don't want it because they are mean I want it because every time I see a baby I think about me being a parent and holding my baby and experiencing being a mom knowing what it feels like to be so proud to have that moment of motherhood all to myself. Knowing that finally I'm a mom and I'm not sad anymore about it. He said please bokee let's make this happen because I want you happy again, I need to see that glow in your eyes.