Not checking dilation or breaking water.

Hi all! Are there woman here that are planning (or already have the experience) not letting themselves check to see how far they are dilated and are not letting a medic breaking their waters?
I'm no hippie or something but during my Hypnobirthing classes I felt more and more uncomfortable to let them do that. 
First off all I don't want to focus on the dilation of the cervix, I just want to focus on my breathing and also breath trough the contractions (so no pushing). Off course they can still check the heartbeat and if something is off I'm all for checking whatever is necessary.
Secondly, baby's can be born in the amniotic sac so why is this necessary. The risk of an infection would only be increased. I know it could speed up the process, but like I said I don't want to focus on that.
Am I crazy? Is this ignorant? I'm going to discuss my birth preferences with my midwife on Wednesday, and basically it comes down to the fact that I want them to sit down and do nothing unless there is a risk or a complication. I also don't want any meds, just a natural water birth.
Am I taking it to far? What do you think? I'm a little nervous for Wednesday. Thank you!