Rear ended at 22 weeks - My adventure


Talk about an adventure... My husband and I had stopped at a stop light when a Ford F250 truck rear ended us. The air bag sensors went off but the bags didn't deploy and my husband's whiplash was significant enough that his hat flew off his head into the back seat.

As a pregnant woman 5 1/2 months along, what do you do?

I called my doctor's on call service (of course it was a weekend) and the midwife recommended I come to the ED just to make sure the babies are ok. I thought I was fine but after having to follow the driver who struck us to his home (I called CHP to let them know the other party didn't carry his insurance and where we were going in case we got kidnapped and murdered), I had cramping or soreness or I don't know what throughout my belly.

My husband's neck and shoulders were painful so we both presented at the ED - he stayed there and I was whisked off to the OB department.

The uterine tracing didn't seem significant and babies heart rates were normal so they said I could go home... But what about this tightness I get? Pressure, something - I don't know what it is but it's not normal, I say. The nurses decide not to kick me out and have me wait for the midwife to round. Good thing, I have a low lying placenta that could have been impacted by the trauma.

I was held overnight, had an ultrasound and Amnisure test to confirm no amniotic fluid was leaking. I was having some contractions after all, but they settled by the next morning. I was discharged with followup up instructions to rest and have a follow up appointment. Thankfully, I was adamant that something was different. The intermittent cramping and tightness was new and at this stage, I don't know what a contraction feels like. It was a good educational experience and certainly worth a sleepless night to make sure the twins are fine. And active! They were having their own little boxing match inside me. :)