Something isn't right.

For months things haven't felt right. 
I honestly think I could be pregnant, which is completely stupid of me, as not only did I get a negative test, but I've been having withdrawal bleeds. 
Some background info, in January I had my last natural period after coming off of the pill. I remember after that period having the worst week of my life with extreme ovarian pain, and as I have suffered with cysts for a few years, I thought that I was trying to ovulate, only to get a cyst in return. 
I had had unprotected sex a day before the pain started. 
The next month I did not get a period and put it down to the "cyst", only to find myself getting sick often and having symptoms that I kept putting down to my period coming. 
My next expected period due date came and I still did not have a period, so I went to the doctors to get back on the pill. 
March 2nd I took a pregnancy test and it was negative, yet the symptoms persisted, and I even went up a bra size. 
I have had withdrawal bleeds in both March and April, and my next one is due tomorrow, yet I still feel like something isn't right. 
I feel pregnant. 
I'm having strange dreams about breastfeeding, my belly is changing shape, my breasts have grown and are incredibly veiny, I have food aversions, I pee frequently, I get headaches often, I'm struggling to fit into my jeans, there are so many indications, yet I'm still bleeding. 
At certain times during the day or when I'm sitting down, I can also feel what feels like popcorn in my lower belly. At first I put it down to gas, but it happens more frequently then gas and has no follow up. 
I really don't want to see a doctor about this, as it's such a strange thing to talk about, and I don't want to be seen as stupid when it turns out it's all in my head. 
What can I do?
I haven't told anyone I feel this way, not even my partner, and I feel so confused with my own body. 
Has this happened to anyone else before?
Thank you.