Emotional assistance :/


So I took about three home pregnancy tests and two came out with a rather clear positive the first was not a negative nor a positive -_- anyways, the father of this child (if I am, which I am about 85% sure. I'm still in denial myself..) he is trying to convince me to in his words "erase it".. he said if it's true and I decide to keep it that he will be here but he will continue to stress how he'd prefer it to disappear. The thing is I can't see myself doing that. I have been given a blessing. I mean, it's not the right time in my life because I work three jobs to support my siblings and pay for school. But when is it really the right time? My father threatened my then 17yr old mother to go along with the pregnancy and if she wanted to leave after that then it's fine but to have the child. I was supposed to be aborted. I feel awkward about that til this day but I can only imagine if I wanted to follow his desire to make this disappear. I would never forgive myself. I am 22 years old by the way. Parents deceased and have been working two plus jobs since I was 16 years old. I always wanted a child. Perhaps for the wrong reasons back then. But now that I have this opportunity and blessing, I can't even think about parting with it.

I go for an official test and sonogram on Saturday. He (the father) stressed that he wants to be there so he can see the sonogram and realize I'm not making this up. I have every right to be upset, right? First he tries to guilt me into erasing this like it's a sketch or something..