Women and their men

Annelise • 25. Separated. I have a 3year old and 2year old sons.
Omg I'm not trying to be mean but there seems to be a lot of paranoid women out there. Not just on this app but like in general. On fb a friend of mine was flipping out cause her boyfriend didn't text her good morning an he must be cheating -__- and on here women are always asking "do you let him have female friends?" Okay so does no one trust their partners. I'm married an I trust my husband with everything. I've never questioned about cheating. I never told him who he can an cannot hang out with or talk to. I just don't freak out over things I find so childish. If your dating a guy an you can't trust him at work or doing his own thing when your not around then why are you with him?! Now of you marry a guy an again you don't trust him then why'd you marry him? Now I understand the more logical paranoia, where you been married for a while an now he's changing his behavior an being more secretive. I do understand that cause it can happen to anyone's relationship. But why don't you talk it out an figure out what's really going on before accusing him of something. I just think for those being crazy about their relationships should reavaluate why they are with that person if they can't trust them.