NO gender reveal for me!

❤️ I think I'm one of the few woman, if there are even any, that have decided that I'm NOT going to find out the gender of my child nor will I be sharing the gender until my baby is born. 
At this point (14 weeks) I've decided that my main focus should be on having a healthy baby and not worrying if I'm having a boy or girl. 
I'm getting a lot of backlash on this from friends and family. Apparently, everyone's got on opinion on how this is a horrible idea! Comments like "That's so selfish!" are common and I'm told that taking the opportunity for people to buy gender specific items. Im told I'm supposed to announce the gender in a big and cute way or have a reveal party. 
I know this information is really easy to get due to medical and tecnelogical advances, I just fail to see how knowing will change mine or my baby's wellbeing. And I don't apologize at all for my decision or my opinion on this! 😊
Is there anyone else out there that feels the same way or is going through the same thing???