So my bf and I have been together for about a year and 9 months. I am a sophomore and he is a senior. After being with him so long (for a highschool relationship) I've noticed that whenever he is with his friends he only pays attention to them. I'm just sitting next to him. And whenever we are together like on a date he only really talks about cycling because it's a huge thing he is into. I get that when he is with his friends that he wants to be with them but the least he could do is put his arm around me or something. We haven't had any sex either ever since I began birth control and that was at the end of summer. He is going to college in Portland in the fall and this summer I will be in Paris. I want to use this as an excuse to break up with him because I don't want to do a long distance relationship but in reality he's just not making me happy. I just don't want to tell him that because I know it will crush him. Part of me thinks I should wait until after testing and graduation because that's a lot of stress on him and I wouldn't want to put more on him but that other part of me just isn't happy and wants to break up with him. He has basically become like a brother and I don't want that. Alright I'm done. Thanks for reading if you got this far. If you want to give some advice if you have any that would be appreciated.