Doctors tell me I'm too big to get pregnant. They just shot my hopes! Vent session and advice


Went to the doctors today for an annual pap.

I was on birth control since I was 17. I am now 25.

I first was on the shot, then on the pill then on the nexplanon.

I gained a lot of weight on the pill.

For the first year I was on the nexplanon I didn't bleed, second year all I did was bleed. So I took it out last January (2015)

Since my last doctors visit I lost 7 pounds.

I am now 211lbs and 5'3"

In March I didn't get a period, in April I had my period for 2 weeks and nothing yet this month although I'm suppose to get aunt flo this week. Before March I was pretty regular and got my period every 3 weeks. And March was a really stressful month which could explain a missed period

Today she told me that I am not ovulating because of my weight. My hormones is out of balance because I'm overweight. So she wants me to go on the nexplanon or pill to regulate my period.

Nexplanon all I did was bleed. So she said the pill would be a better option which previously, the pill makes me gain weight.

She wanted me to be on BC for another year while I lose weight.

Makes no sense. If my hormones is out of balance because of my weight, why give me hormones that makes me gain weight. Why not me just work on my weight.

& It makes me mad saying that.

I go to the gym 5 days a week for 1-2 hours. More than most females my size... and I know a bunch of females who are 3 4 times bigger and get pregnant.

She didn't even know my history of birth control. And was giving me "medical advice" that seemed general to the population but not specifically to me.

She spent 10-15 min with me talking about this & doing my exam... and digged out.

Sometimes I wonder about doctors.

Anyone had this problem? About so called not getting pregnant because of their weight? And we're the doctors wrong?