How did you lose your virginity

I always find it interesting to hear people's stories because it always seems so funny that a lot of us clearly were not ready and didn't know what we were doing at all. Here's mine: 
Every summer my mom sent me to a religious camp through my church. Basically Jesus Camp, if you will. Every year I'd end up seeing this one guy who was maybe 2 years older. We became close one year, kinda had a crush on each other but never acted on it (I was like 14). The next summer we thought it would be fun to sneak out at night and go down to the beach with 2 others. After about and hour the other 2 got tired and went back. So me and the guy started making out, he actually went down on me and then all of a sudden he stuck it in hahahaha I said wait you didn't bring a condom we can't! So we stopped. But to this day I consider it losing my virginity!!!! Before that I've never done anything sexual. I was 15 at the time and now I'm 21 and I laugh. Jesus Camp lol. #goingtohell 
Let's hear your story!