I have a question for the mothers here !

So I experienced losing my daughter not to long ago at 5 months , I will forever love her dearly and never will I forget her but me and my boyfriend has been trying for another one and all my family has given me negative comments just because I lost a baby & decided to try again so this time around i feel like I have to keep it a secret and just share my thoughts and feelings about it with just my boyfriend I feel like when I do get pregnant I wont be able to tell them right away because they will be disappointed and not so happy about my baby 😢 has anyone else every experienced things like that with their family ? And how did you deal with it ? But my last period was April 18,2016 and it last about 7 days my period should be due may 18,2016 but on Sunday I had went through something and I had like very little blood that didn't even last about maybe 3 hours and then it's stopped and i was able to not use the pad after that but normally when I bleed it continues and this was the first that ever happen should I be worried ? My friend who has lots of experience with her own kids says it could be signs of early pregnancy ... but at the same time I don't wanna get my hopes up or my boyfriends because he's actually excited and supports me the whole way through it all .! So if you ladies could give me some advice on your opinions please #HaveABlessedDay😙💜