Do babies know you are pregnant?

So the past few weeks I have noticed that babies (I'm going to be a ftm so not my own children both those in church or at work or at the store...)stare at me and quiet down or giggle or try to come near me more now than ever before. Do they know that there is a baby in me? Sounds odd, I know, but just happened in the bathroom-crying baby, I walked in turned the corner and she instantly calmed down and started to jabber at me and smiling...I didn't say anything or interact with her until that point either. Sunday in church, baby acting up, we sat down and she shared her toy rattle with me and kept wanting to crawl over to us.  Is this only happening to me, or is anyone else experiencing this with strangers kids? Again, sorry, I know it's weird but it's happened the past few weeks so thought I would ask :) 

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