Could I Be Pregnant?

Now, I know that some of you will read this and it'll be an obvious answer. I am pretty sure that I already know it, too. However, I am 18 years old, have a job and am in college. I cannot have a child, yet. So, here are the facts:

My last period was on April 13th through April 17th.

I did a Sunday Start on birth control pills, for the first time, on April 17th. I am still currently on them, but am taking the placebos.

I am not completely sure of the dates because they were predicted by an <a href="">ovulation app</a>, but I should have been ovulating around late April. The dates: April 20th through April 25th.

I had sex for the first time on May 1st and again, on May 6th. In both scenarios, we used a condom.

On May 1st, I had only been on birth control for fourteen days. He came inside of me, but it was in the condom.

On May 6th, it was rushed and he did not ejaculate. Again, there was still a condom.

For the last couple of weeks, I have had a lot of food cravings. I have been very emotional and have had spotting. I was supposed to have my period two days ago, but it did not come. My stomach has been upset since the first night we had sex.

It is feelings and emotions, such as those, that made me concerned and ask myself 'what if there's a possibility that I could be pregnant'.


I am sure that I know the answer, but with something so important, such as pregnancy, I need to be sure. Please, drop an opinion or some advice, anything to provide reassurance.

Thank you for your time.