omg. Please I need to rant to anyone.

I'm so fucking pissed I feel rage in my heart. I'm so tired. My husband just pissed me off so much. I don't know what to do but this is what happened.

I am five months pregnant first of all. I go to college for five hours today. I sit in this horrible chair while I draw for three hours. Today I woke up at 6:30 am and I slept at 12 am the day before also the day before I been walking in heels all day in down town chicago. Mothers day out. OK so when I got home I made dinner cleaned up a little and went to sleep. Today in the morning I made breakfast and I made hubby some lunch for him and took him to work. I got back home cleaned after breakfast and little things and got ready to leave. When I left college I went to go run some errands and got my hubby from work. Even though my back and legs were killing me I still had a smile at my face and talked to him nice. But he was yelling at me in the car while I was driving. He was also saying I bet the house is messy and whatever. We got home he started playing on his phone and I went to pray. After I got done I put away some stuff and changed and got in bed. I TOLD HIM IN THE CAR I WILL MAKE DINNER AFTER I TAKE A NAP. When I was in bed he went to the kitchen then came back to me and was like did u even clean this morning blah blah blah yelling at me! I just wanted to take a nap. Then I would wake up and clean the apt. Then cook. But now he wants me to do that then sleep. I have no energy left!!

Why are men like this? I'm so tired of this damn marriage being like this.


He fucking hit me. He hit me. First time in his life he hit me. He made me bleed. Idk what to do. I might be divorced idk.. I hate my self. I'm so done.