Sex/ never again

Jadeana • Future marine biologist !
So yeaterday my ex comes over and hes all in the mood to have sex, so eventualy i gave in and we did it. Im only 17 i dont want to be a teen mom. So we ended up having sex and we finished up, i asked him if he ejecuated, his responce was No. The i asked him if he was sure, and he replies with maybe you should get the pill. So i started freaking tf out. Yelling at him , and i was at school thinking about it all day like what am i suppose to do? So i didnt know the truth so i tricked him and i said " hey i got the pill i took it, so nothing to worrie about. " he says cool becuse i did cum inside you. MIND you i do not have the pill at all, i wanted to see if he was lying, And he was. So im crying and i cannot tell my mother at all. So i called my best friend, and her mother took me to get plan b. Im soo blessed her mom came to help me. So i took the pill today around 5:30 and now im having all these side effects with nausea. So ladies please please please use protection its not worth it at all , I was so scared i just i wanted to die in that moment.😩